Who We Are

Renovar Ministries aims to bring the gospel and to nurture the heart of every person. This ministry, therefore, specialises in working with and equipping God’s family to stand fortified in love in this era. Renovar ministries aims to be a catalyst of change and hope within the bride of Christ. The word of God clearly states that “hope deferred makes the heart sick”; the Lord is able to turn any situation of calamity into one of resolution and vindication. He, therefore, yearns to restore every member of the body of Christ.

Renovar ministries is committed to standing for the restoration and significance of every member in the body of Christ, recognising their unique value as well as their collective anointing ordained by God.

The Birth of Renovar Ministries

Before the Lord even revealed the name of this ministry to me, The Lord told me that this minstry is all about His children’s hearts.

One morning as I was waking up the Lord spoke to me saying the name of this ministry should be “renew “: for God is a God of change and he wants to renew and restore his people . Renovar is “Renew” in Spanish and this particular language was chosen because Renovar is called to reach and minister to the nations thus the ministry name was specifically chosen in a foreign language.

Renovar therefore specialises in renewing the heart of every person.


“Revealing Christ and renewing God’s family one heart at a time.”

Founders of Renovar

Nadine de Lange is fervent about establishing and sharing the Father heart of God for His ministry. She is committed to stand for the restoration of the significance of the family unit in the body of Christ, recognising the unique value of every member of the family as well as their collective anointing ordained by God.

Nadine has a deep interest in every aspect of leadership and yearns to see godly leaders rise up across the nations in the workforce, the church, the government and on the playground.

With a mandate from the Lord to ” feed His Lambs “, she is particularly passionate about bringing truth and a liberating perspective on the significance and value of every young person and their call for victory in the twenty-first century. This involves their role in establishing God’s truth and their stand to do wondrous and miraculous works for God’s renown.

With a Master of theology and other qualifications in psychology, criminology and education Nadine enjoys equipping and encouraging the body of Christ by preaching, teaching, giving seminars, writing material, doing pastoral counselling as well as by sharing the gospel through missional events and speaking at public functions.

Dean de Lange is the Chief Operations Officer of Renovar Ministries. With an anointing of prudence, he plays a strategic role in the logistical aspects of the ministry. With Renovar being a ministry that take joy in caring for the family, Dean is committed to all that God has called His family to do in their corporate anointing and ministry in assisting to bring healing to broken families. Dean has a ministry of His own and is involved both in the community and on a ministry front in reaching out to teachers, students, and leaders.

Linda MacGillivray - Pastoral Care

Linda is a heartening speaker and writer. She delights in encouraging others and in bringing God’s hope. She is passionate about pastoral care and invests in the mental wellness of the people that Renovar Ministries serves as well as the team.

Linda plays an important role in analysis and risk assessment for the projects that the ministry embarks on and she has a wonderful ministry to women.

Alasdair MacGillivray - Programme Manager

Alasdair and his family are based in the United Kingdom. When it comes to ministry, Alasdair is passionate about serving others. He is gifted in hospitality and thrives at being practically involved on the mission field.

Alasdair plays a key advisory role in the Renovar Care division and brings great strategic insight into problems and obstacles so that things can run more smoothly. He also plays an important role as a trusted guardian over the mandate and vision of the general ministry. Thus, bringing accountability to the team members.


Ann Gurney - Community Outreach Specialist

Ann Gurney is our Community Outreach Specialist based in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. She helps drive our Renovar Care division and “Gifts from God” project initiative. She is a true carer and passionate about reaching community groups world wide. She truly embraces God’s heart for “loving your Neighbour”. Ann is married to Albie and being a mother and grandmother, she  appreciates working with all age groups.

Bianca Venter - Learning and Development

Bianca Venter is married to Herman Venter and she is passionate about counselling, both young and old. The Lord has trained her from a young age to engage with and to nurture little ones. She brings fresh insight to the body of Christ on how to teach babies and toddlers. With her studies in Theology and her anointing in art, she address key areas of learning and development within the framework of a little ones world view. Bianca is passionate about the Church and all that it has to offer in pastoring children, teenagers and adults. She readily applies her creativity to projects within Renovar Ministries.

Lize Mostert - Chief Advisory Officer of Renovar

Lize Mostert is married to Jacques and is based in the Western Cape, South Africa. She has a wonderful ministry of intercession. Lize is gifted in the prophetic ministry and has been given a unique mandate from God to care for the safeguarding of His little children across the nations. With a passion for righteousness she is intentional in all that she does on behalf of a child. Being a mother of three she understands the significance in the individuality of a child and their destiny on earth and readily applies this to her ministry . She therefore practically applies what the Holy Spirit has taught her with her own children to the rest of the nations.