What we offer as a ministry

Renovar Ministries is called to equip and edify the church through training and development and to bring renewal and restoration to the individual and families through counselling and pastoral mediation.

Our key focus areas are:

  • The Family
  • Leadership
  • Intercession
  • Children and youth
  • The Word of God

Seminars and courses on the following topics:

  • The significance of the family unit in the body of Christ
  • Raising Spiritual Giants – Kingdom based
  • Leadership
  • Intercession
  • Set workshops to support each individual member of the family

Prophetic Pastoral Counselling

With 15 years of Pastoral experience as well as qualifications in Psychology and Theology, Renovar offers Pastoral Counselling for individuals, families, children and groups. We are also available to do training in these areas both individually and in groups.

Family & Marriage Mediation

With experience in mediation and marital counselling as well as experience in Restorative Justice, we offer the following:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Restoration through pastoral mediation

Leadership Training

We offer leadership training in the following areas:

  • Church Leadership Development
  • Youth and Children’s Leadership

Speaking Engagements

We are open to speaking engagements at:

  • churches
  • conferences
  • schools

Please contact us should you want us to come and speak at your venue.

Counselling through Play

We offer Pastoral Counselling for children using play as a medium. With many years of experience in counselling children and in Children’s Ministry, we aim to restore children to wholeness through counselling and play.