Kings and Queens

Founded on The Rock

Founded on The Rock

Welcome to our podcast series: “Founded on the Rock.”

In this podcast series, we delve into the profound teachings of the Sermon on the Mount, which Jesus shared with his disciples and a captivated audience. These invaluable insights from the Lord offer guidance for our everyday lives, providing wisdom that resonates in the fabric of our existence.

Messages of Hope

“Messages of Hope” encompasses a diverse array of podcasts with the goal of providing encouragement and inspiration. God’s unwavering faithfulness is a constant source of strength, and He desires to fortify His children, instilling hope for their futures. Join us as we share messages that uplift, empower, and illuminate the path toward a hopeful and fulfilling journey with God.

Valiant Living

Valiant Living

Welcome to our “Valiant Living” Sermon series, where we seek to explore the art of embracing life with valour for Christ. God has laid out a specific race before us, and in navigating it, we must summon courage, determination, strength, and bravery. Join us on this journey of discovery and empowerment as we delve into the principles that enable us to live boldly and purposefully for Christ.

Building Blocks of Faith


“Building Blocks of Faith” is a podcast series designed to provide the opportunity to revisit the fundamentals and reassess your spiritual journey with God. Whether you’re a seasoned believer seeking to strengthen your foundations or someone new to Christianity eager to begin a fruitful journey, this podcast is here for you. Cultivating a solid foundation in your faith is crucial for resilience and perseverance in your Christian walk. Come join us on this transformative journey of building your faith, exploring the elements that make your spiritual journey truly meaningful and worth living for.

Kings and Queens

Welcome to our podcast series: “Kings and Queens.” Throughout this series, we will explore the lives of royal rulers and their trusted advisors during Biblical times. Delving into their leadership styles, the challenges they confronted, and the remarkable ways in which God worked through them, we aim to uncover valuable insights from these historical figures. Join us on this journey as we reflect on the lessons and inspiration derived from the stories of these notable individuals.

The Parables of Christ

Join us in this podcast series as we delve into the amazing pockets of wisdom found in the parables of the Lord Jesus. The Lord had an extraordinary knack for conveying His teachings and truths in understandable ways through allegories and analogies. Let’s explore the moral and spiritual lessons He graciously imparted through these timeless parables.

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