The heart behind Renovar Ministries tracts is two-fold: 

Firstly, we do our own outreaches and evangelical initiatives through our missions division – Renovar Care – where we make use of our tracts, food, and other necessary resources.

Secondly, our aim is to equip and edify the body of Christ. Many missionaries, churches and Christian groups need extra resources to use as a tool when sharing the gospel or bringing care within a community.

Our tracts are very basic, comprising of one A4 glossy paper, in colour, that can be folded up into a birthday card concept. The great thing about this is that we can print a lot more of them and it’s about four times more cost effective to get the gospel out there than our smallest book. You are welcome to order our tracts (hardcopies) directly from us, we trust that God will supply this ongoing need. We pack and send our tracts through the mail service where possible. Alternatively, you are welcome to print out our tracts (which you can download off our website), fold them and use them to share the gospel or to encourage others. We recommend a thicker paper at 148gsm but the standard 80gsm will do.

You can print as many as you need. All of our tracts are FREE. However, each tract is copyrighted to safeguard any misuse of these products: NO selling is allowed.

Once you have made use of them feel free to connect with us and share your testimonies, we would love to hear from you.

May God inspire you and use you radically to share the message of Salvation.

Step Out Tract Series

“Step Out” is a diverse-themed tract series presented as a devotional read, tailor-made to engage and empower gentlemen and their families. If you’re seeking a concise, uplifting teaching message, then this tract series is precisely what you need.


This delightful little book specifically focuses on growing your child’s literacy ability, as well as slowly introducing him/her to Jesus Christ and the message of salvation.

This little book comes directly from the Father heart of God and it has been created because of His infinite love for His babies and His children. Some of these defensive strategies are new concepts for the Body of Christ in order to help curb the abominations and wickedness done to God’s little ones, both in and outside the womb. Children are holy and reflect the Lord’s glory.  It is therefore our responsibility to take up our positions to assist in securing them.

Hello boys and girls, we are your friends, Bumbi and Kacco.

Let us spend some time together, learning how to love our neighbour.

“And the second command is like the first: ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’” Matthew 22:39 ICB

Exploring the Bible through the ABC is a fun educational way to learn more about the Bible through the Alphabet. Children will have the opportunity to colour in beautifully illustrated pictures on each page, and they will have the opportunity to learn Bible verses while practicing their reading ability.

Shapes and Numbers with God’s Creation is a fun educational way to learn about numbers and shapes through using God’s creation. Children will now have an opportunity to learn how to count, distinguish shapes, colour in beautifully- illustrated pictures and build their own pictures with shapes, while learning some key Bible verses.
Too often, God’s people struggle in their faith due to a lack of knowledge. We can compare this to the analogy of an ice berg in the ocean, what we see on the surface is only a small portion of what we know and understand about the supernatural realm, however, there is still a massive ice conglomerate underneath the ocean waiting to be discovered and inspected. Fortunately, God has a plan to equip His people on their faith journey with His revelation, direction and insight.
Who am I?
Do you like spotting animals?
Have you found any special
creatures at home, in a park,
in the wild, or even walking
down the street? Come and
guess who is hiding in these
The Big Creative Plan
Have you ever been in a hot air balloon?
We are God’s little disciples, going on a special ride!
We will learn more of God’s Big Creative Plan.
Come and see, as we all have some fun.

“In His presence” is a Renovar Ministries colouring-in initiative (colour by number) to introduce children to the divine splendour of God. The Word of God teaches us that when God’s glory shines forth there are a variety of colours; all the colours of the rainbow in fact (Ezekiel 1.26-28, GNB).

You are Treasured Project Initiative

This project initiative was birthed during the Covid 19 pandemic, but we trust that it will be effective amongst children for many years to come!

Since the pandemic, many children have faced heightened anxiety, discouragement, and loss. Many hearts have been wounded and children have been stretched emotionally. Even without a pandemic children still need encouragement.

Let’s make a difference!


Being adopted into God’s family is a lifetime guarantee, let’s get the salvation message of Jesus Christ out there!

Renovar Ministires