Renovar Ministries is passionate about reaching out to communities, both near and far. Through Renovar Care, our Missions Division, we reach out to churches across the world, by sending out free literature resources.

We also sow free material, food care rations and other resources into various community settlements, schools, and medical centres in South Africa and Internationally.

The treasure of being in God’s family is everlasting life.

Renovar Ministries


Every Survival Love Pack includes a tract sharing the Gospel, as well as nutritional products, these may differ slightly from country to country.


We love getting the Word of God out there through colourful and fun tracts. Every tract that we create shares a key concept in the Bible linked to the message of Salvation.

For anyone who can read or who is being read to there is an opportunity pray and  to ask Jesus Christ to be their Saviour at the end of each tract. Please feel free to print any of our tracts to use as a tool to share the Gospel within your own community. Remember we don’t sell any of our tracts so please don’t sell them either. Salvation is a free opportunity for all.


Renovar Books aim to inspire and encourage the family of God, carry His love, share the Gospel, activate prayer, bring laughter, impart revelation, restore hope, establish truth, catalyse change and initiate victory.


Besides publicly sharing the Gospel and giving out books or tracts with the message of Salvation in it, we try to reach out to meet the basic needs of the community, church, school we are visiting. 

We therefore also care by giving:

  • Food
  • Clothing 
  • Socks 
  • Blankets
  • School supplies 
  • Sanitary wear and cloth diapers

Renovar Care Survival Love Packs

History and motivation for our “Survival Love Packs” to the nations: Many years ago, as a young adult, I had the privilege to go to a vintage Bible printing press. I recall my delight as I stood in a room full of Bibles printed in Chinese. This family-owned Bible printing house also printed many little tract booklets sharing the Gospel of Christ. This was so inspirational for me and I remember saying, “One day, I want to write special tracts like these too.” In 2012, God inspired me to write my first tract for children – a specialised teaching tract on the story of “Jonah and the big fish” – but with a difference, because it included the Good News of the Gospel.

In 2013, my mother had a vision where God was calling us not merely to send out the tracts that we create, but to send out tracts with food; because the people needed ‘bread’. It is through this vision that our “Survival Love Packs” were later birthed in Renovar Care.


Reaching out



Being adopted into God’s family is a lifetime guarantee, let’s get the salvation message of Jesus Christ out there!

Renovar Ministires