South Africa 2

What we have been up to during the Covid 19 lockdown in Johannesburg South Africa : Masks and winter clothing have gone

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South Africa 1

Renovar reached out to a house of safety for children and teenagers. We were privileged to equip the youth with toiletries

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Zimbabwe 3

Recently, we sent a big box of socks and tracts up to a high school in a village in Zimbabwe. The

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Mpumahalanga, South Africa

We were so blessed to visit a farmland Educational Centre and to share the gospel with young people ranging from age

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Tshwane, South Africa

We had the privilege to take hands with two other ministries in the Tshwane region. Collectively we served soup, bread, and

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Free State, South Africa

A special day of pastoral care. This precious group of children meets on a regular basis and they are shepherded by

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Zimbabwe 2

Street Evangelism and food care to little ones in a village in Zimbabwe.  Keep going Sasha you are shining God’s light!

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Renovar ministries tracts were sent and handed out at a Youth conference in western Uganda. A sincere thank you to Pastor



Outreach to a local school in Zimbabwe. A big thank you to Sasha, our Renovar Community Scout in that area for



Outreach to a School in Olievenhoutbosch, South Africa. A sincere thank you to Annie, Bianca , Michelle, Dwane and Theresa for